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Chapter Constitution

Revised January 2012

Danbury FFA

Chapter Constitution


Section I - General Membership

In order for any student to participate in activities sponsored by the Danbury FFA Chapter,  they must first obtain membership.  Once an individual has met all membership requirements they are welcome to attend and participate in all functions.  Failure to remain “in good standing” will result in that student being denied the opportunity to attend functions, show animals, participate on teams, or receive any other benefits of membership, and face the possibility of having their membership revoked.  Below is a listing of the requirements for becoming a member and what is expected of members to remain in “good standing”.

  • Members must pay dues annually.
  • Members in “good standing” have the right to vote on all issues before Danbury FFA Chapter.
  • Our chapter is governed by UIL eligibility requirements. Therefore, members must maintain passing grades to participate in extra-curricular events.  The Advisor(s) may add additional requirements for special events (i.e. Conventions, etc.).
  • Members are expected to attend all chapter meetings.  More than two (2) unexcused absences is considered unacceptable and will result in loss of “good standing” status.
    • Members are expected to be attentive and courteous during all meetings.  Any member being disruptive will be given one warning during the meeting; a second offense will result in the member being dismissed from the meeting.  In this instance the member will receive an unexcused absence.
    • All members are expected to participate in the chapter meat sale.  Members are eepected to sell a minimum of twenty (20) items.
    • Any member that owes the chapter money for any reason (jackets, dues, shirts, fundraisers, etc.) will be denied “good standing” status until all debts are paid in full.
    • Any member found to be in violation of any Danbury  ISD rules (i.e. tobacco, alcohol, weapons, etc.) at any school sponsored event or on any Danbury  ISD properties will lose their “good standing” status for a minimum of a semester and face the possibility of having their membership revoked.


Section II – Chapter Offices

Article I – Officer Duties

Chapter officers serve as a vital function in the FFA organization.  By taking a major leadership role, these students grow from their experiences and benefit the chapter.  It should be the officers’ goal to lead by example and participate in chapter activities.  Officers of the Danbury FFA chapter should posses the following qualities:

  1. A genuine desire to be a part of a leadership team.
  2. A willingness to accept responsibility.
  3. A sincere desire to work with their leadership, personal, and chapter goals.
  4. A commitment to lead by example.
  5. A knowledge and understanding of the chapter, state and national FFA Constitutions, bylaws, and programs.
  6. A working knowledge of parliamentary procedure.
  7. An ability to memorize their parts in the official ceremonies.

The officers of the Danbury FFA chapter shall be President, Vice-President, Secretary, Treasurer, Reporter, Sentinel, & Student Advisor.  In the event that there are not enough qualified candidates; the qualified candidates will fill the necessary number of offices according to rank.  Each officer is expected to be a team player and assist each other in the betterment of the chapter.  Additionally, their specific duties are:


1.      Preside over meetings according to accepted rules of parliamentary procedure.

  1. Appoint committees and serve on them as an ex-officio, non-voting member.
  2. Coordinate the activities of the chapter and evaluate the progress of each division of the POA.
  3. Represent the chapter (or delegate representation) in public relations and official functions.
    1. Assume all duties of the President if necessary.
    2. Develop the Program of Activities and serve as an ex-officio, non-voting member of the POA committees.
    3. Coordinate all committee work.
    4. Work closely with the President and Advisor to assess progress toward meeting chapter goals. 
  4. Prepare and post the agenda for each chapter meeting.
  5. Prepare and present the minutes of each chapter meeting.
  6. Keep a record of all committee reports in a safe area.
  7. Be responsible for chapter correspondence.
  8. Maintain member attendance and activity records and issue membership cards.
  9. Have on hand for each meeting:
    1. Minutes of the previous meeting and committee reports.
    2. Official FFA Manual and Parliamentary Guide.
    3. Copy of the chapter’s constitution and bylaws.
  10. Receive, record and deposit FFA funds and issue receipts.
  11. Present monthly treasurer’s reports at chapter meetings.
  12. Collect dues and special assessments.
  13. Maintain a neat and accurate Treasurer’s Book.
  14. Prepare and submit the membership roster and dues to the National FFA Organization through the State FFA Association office in cooperation with the Secretary.
  15. Serve as chairperson of the Fundraising committee.
  16. Plan public information programs with local radio, television, newspaper and service clubs and make use of other opportunities to tell the FFA story.
  17. Release news and information to local and regional news media.
  18. Publish a chapter newsletter.
  19. Prepare and present the annual slideshow & scrapbook.





5.   Send local stories to area, district, and state reporters and to FFA New Horizons.

6.   Work with local media on radio and television appearances and FFA news.

7.   Serve as the chapter photographer.


  1. Assist the President in maintaining order.

2.   Keep the meeting room, chapter equipment and supplies in proper condition.

3.   Welcome guests and visitors.

4.   Keep the meeting room comfortable.

  1. Take charge of candidates for degree ceremonies.
  2. Assist with special features and refreshments.
  3. Inform prospective students and parents about the FFA.
  4. Assist the Advisor in leadership development.
  5. Encourage involvement of all chapter members in activities.
  6. Assist the Advisor in preparing CDE and LDE teams.

Student Advisor


  1. Assist the Chapter Reporter in the creation of a Chapter Scrapbook to be completed by the night of the Annual FFA Awards Banquet.
  2. Keep a record of all media correspondence.
  3. Assist the Chapter Reporter in all duties including the Banquet Slide Show.
Article II – Requirements for running for office

To run for chapter office members must meet the following requirements and complete the election process.

  • Candidates must be dues paying members.
  • Candidates must have member in “good standing” status.
  • Candidates must attend all required leadership functions.
  • Candidates must have UIL eligibility prior to the first phase of the election process.
  • Candidates seeking the Presidency must hold the Chapter Farmer Degree and previously held a Chapter officer position. If no such candidate is available the highest scoring individual shall be President.

Article III – The Election Process
  • All candidates shall take a test on FFA facts and history and parliamentary procedure.  The candidates will be provided with a study guide at least one week prior to the testing date.  A score of 50 percent or better is necessary to continue in the election process. Candidates will receive up to 25 points for their score on the test. Points will be awarded on a curve basis, with the top scorer receiving 25 points.
  • All candidates must submit their typed application on the day of testing.  Applications will be ranked and awarded up to 25 points.
  • All candidates must write and present a speech (one to three minutes in length) before the members at the designated meeting.  Candidates will receive votes from the members present at the designated meeting.  Their vote will be based on the speeches presented and each member’s general knowledge of the candidate.  The candidates will be ranked based on number of votes and will be awarded up to 25 points.  Twenty-five (25) points will be awarded to the top vote receiver, twenty-four (24) to second, etc.
  • Finally, the candidates will have a private interview with a panel of judges.  The judges will ask each candidate a slate of questions and score them based on the content of their answer, communication skills, poise, and presentation.  The judge’s scores will be averaged to figure each candidate’s ranking.  The maximum points a candidate can receive in this section is 25, and more than one candidate can receive the maximum score.
  • Ties will be broken based on independent scores in the following order: interview, vote, application, and test.

Article IV - Expectations of Officers

Officers in the FFA hold a very prestigious position and much is expected of them.  All general rules of membership apply to the Officer team as well as the following stipulations:

  • Officers must maintain eligibility in all subjects.  Loss of eligibility during a six weeks grading period will result in that officer being place on probation.  If that officer fails any class, during any other grading period, during their term, he/she will be removed from office. 
  • Officers may have no more than two (2) unexcused absences from any required function.  The first absence will result in a verbal warning, the second in probation, and the third in removal from office.
  • Officers must attend all leadership functions, all conventions (except National convention), all camps, all chapter and special meetings, and participate in all fundraisers.
  • Officers are to try out for at least one LDE and/or CDE team.
  • Officers are required to chair or co-chair one standing committee of the chapter.
  • Officers are expected to lead by example.  The conduct of an officer should always be honorable; any unethical, embarrassing, disruptive, or disrespectful conduct is means for probation or removal from office.
  • Any officer in violation Danbury ISD rules (i.e. tobacco, alcohol, weapons, etc.) at any school sponsored event or on any Danbury ISD properties will be removed from office and face the possibility of having other membership privileges revoked.


Section III – Standing Committees

These are the standing committees of the Danbury  FFA Chapter.  Each committee is chaired or co-chaired by Chapter Officers.  Other committee members are to be made up of chapter members.  Committees are to meet at least once a month and submit a report at each meeting.  Special committees will be appointed as necessary.


Article I – SAEP Committee

The purpose of the SAEP committee is to inform all FFA members about the various animal projects that are available to them.  The committee is also charged with informing the students about prospect shows, clinics (i.e. fitting, showmanship, and selection), and important dates for our local show.  The committee is also responsible for compiling lists of materials needed for the show and making those available to all members.  Finally, this committee will assist members with their record books following the completion of their SAEPs.


Article II – Fundraising Committee

The purpose of this committee is to keep the chapter informed about the various fundraising activities that the chapter is involved in.  It is also their duty to research and to bring new fundraising opportunities to the chapter.


Article III – Special Functions Committee

The purpose of this committee is to assist in organizing Convention plans and special functions (i.e. banquets, dances, etc.).  They are to keep the chapter informed about dates of all chapter functions and also those functions we are invited to attend. 


Article IV – Public Relations Committee

The purpose of this committee is to notify the public of chapter events.  They are also responsible for recruitment of members (especially freshmen).  They are to develop materials for recruitment and give presentations when ever possible to encourage enrollment in Ag Science courses and FFA membership.  They are to keep the chapter in the spotlight.  They are also responsible for coordinating Jr. FFA events and clinics.

Article V - Community Service Committee

The purpose of the community service committee will be to coordinate community service project(s).  They are responsible for researching and planning events.  They are to keep the chapter informed of all scheduled events.

Section IV – Letter Jackets

Danbury ISD has given approval for the FFA chapter to award letter jackets to deserving students. In order to become eligible to receive a letter jacket, students must meet the district’s guideline, must accumulate seventy-five (75) points from various chapter activities (see listing of activities below or talk to Ag teacher about other possibilities), and possess “good standing” status in the chapter.  The guidelines are as follows:

  • Students must participate for two years in the club/organization
  • Students who qualify for State or National competition earn their letter jacket automatically.
  • Students must maintain grade eligibility to continue participating in club/organization.
  • Students may receive only one letter jacket from his/her high school.
  • Students must attend at least one District camp or meeting or other upper level leadership event.
  • Students must participate in at least one LDE or CDE.
  • Students must complete at least 6 hours of community service through the Danbury FFA.




Points             Activity                                                                       Points              Activity

1                      Recruitment (1 point/person)                                      5                      Star Lonestar Farmer

2                      Community Service projects                                       5                      Chapter Officer

2                                            Greenhand degree                                                       5                      Having an SAEP

2                                            Chapter Degree                                                           5                      Attending State Convention

3                                            Courtesy Corps                                                           5                      Judging at Houston

3                                            Proficiency award                                                       5                      Running for district office

3                      Showing projects (not prospect shows)                      5                      Area level LDE teams

3                      District level leadership team                                      7                      Attending National Conv.

3                      Fundraisers (min. # set by Advisor)                            10                    State level CDE team            

3                      Tour guides (Houston)                                                10                    District officer

3                      Attending all meetings                                                10                    State level LDE teams

3                      Livestock judging (fall)                                              10                    Lonestar degree

3                      District & Area judging teams                                    10                    Running for area office

3                      Running for Chapter or Greenhand office                 10                    State/National band/chorus

4                      Greenhand officer                                                                               chronicle/Ambassador

4                      Star Greenhand                                                           15                    Area officer

4                      Star Chapter Farmer                                                    15                    National CDE or LDE team

4                      Outstanding 3rd year member                                      15                    Running for state office

4                                            Outstanding 4th year member                                      15                    American Farmer

5                                            Leadership camp/conferences                                     20                    State officer



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